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Parent Partnership

Long-lasting Relationships


 Children are most successful when families and school work together

 Families receive frequent communications from school

 We encourage families to observe their children’s classroom communities

 Frequent parent workshops offer you the opportunity to experience Montessori lessons

 Monthly parent discussion groups help you to incorporate Montessori philosophy into daily life

At Johns Creek Montessori, parents are a very important part of our school community; we recognize that children are most successful when school and parents work together. Parent education and community involvement are an essential part of our program - we work with our families to explain the nature of Montessori education and to create an environment of support for this unique approach to learning.

Through parent education classes and our day-to-day feedback, our families understand the strengths of Montessori education and learn to offer home activities that build on their children’s natural inclination to learn.

Parents and teachers participate in frequent face-to-face conversations and will receive important information via Transparent Classroom, our online parent portal.

Formal Parent/Teacher conferences are held in October and April of each school year. Additionally, you may request a conference with your child’s teacher at any time.

Zoom Observations: One of the best ways to gain a better understanding as to how the Montessori classroom works is through observation. Parents can join in through Zoom to observe the classroom during set observation dates. 

Workshops: Frequent parent workshops that focus on topics such as “Preparing the Home Environment” or Toilet Learning 101” or that illustrate different elements of Montessori philosophy are offered throughout the school year.

JCMSOG Community Events: PVA, our JCMSOG parent volunteer association, organizes and supports many campus opportunities for families to connect as well as support the teaching staff: Splash Pad during summer, Family Day at the Art Barn, family week-night dinners at nearby establishments, and Teacher Appreciation events.

“Of all things love is the most potent.”
- Maria Montessori

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